About the Yukon Chamber of Commerce

Incorporated in 1985, the Yukon Chamber of Commerce is a vital, dynamic organization. As the collective voice of Yukon's Business Community, the Yukon Chamber of Commerce works to create a climate conducive to a strong private sector economy. 

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Communications with Members

By providing your email to the Chamber upon enrollment, your organization can expect to receive regular email communications from the Chamber in the form of monthly newsletters, event notifications and other alerts of business-related issues.
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Chamber Board Members and Staff

Stanley Noel - Chair
Kells Boland - 1st Vice-Chair
Kendell Tricker - 2nd Vice-Chair
Tammy Beese - Secretary
Philip Fitzgerald - Treasurer
Michael Pealow - Past Chair

Board of Directors:
Paul Burbidge - Business and Industry representative
Scott Wylie - Business and Industry representative
Thane Phillips - Business and Industry representative
Anne Lewis - Business and Industry representative
Hector Campbell - Business and Industry representative
Mark Mather - Dawson City Chamber of Commerce
Anne Leckie - Silver Trail Chamber of Commerce
Courtney Quinn - St. Elias Chamber of Commerce
Cheryl O'Brien - Watson Lake Chamber of Commerce
Mike Pemberton - Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce

Peter M. Turner - President: (867) 393-6060
Mal Malloch - Employer Advisor: (867) 393-6061
Julie Dufresne - Research Analyst: (867) 336-6062
Lori Graham - Chamber Office Manager: (867) 667-2000

Ex-officio Members:
Yukon Chamber of Mines – Samson Hartland
Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon – Blake Rogers
Canadian Chamber of Commerce - Craig Hougen
Tech Yukon - Chris Lane
Yukon Agricultural Association - Jennifer Hall
Klondike Placer Miners Association - Jonas Smith
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2017-2018 Annual Report

2017 2018 Annual Report Pic


Mission Statement

We are the leading voice of Yukon's business community, providing advocacy and representation on issues affecting businesses across the Yukon Territory. 
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Guiding Principles

Community Driven - We work with, and on behalf of, the Community Chambers of Commerce and the Yukon business community. Our perspective is both urban and rural.

Making a Difference - We are focused on territory-wide issues of critical importance to our members and contributory to the success of Yukon businesses.

Connected - We leverage a valuable network of relationships with individuals, groups and organizations to share information and work together. 

Autonomous - We are non-partisan, multi-sectoral and maintain the autonomy of our perspective
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Chamber Policies 

To ensure that the Yukon Chamber of Commerce advocates on behalf of and represents its members credibly and in a timely fashion, the YCC has developed a Policy Development Guidelines to outline how our voting members can be involved in the YCC policy development process.

2018 - Yukon Chamber of Commerce Policy Resolutions

2017 - Yukon Chamber of Commerce Policy Resolutions

These resolutions will be brought to the attention of appropriate government officials and other bodies to whom the recommendations are directed. Members will be updated and advised of the action(s) taken on each policy resolution.
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The Yukon Chamber works closely with groups and organizations including:

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Yukon Community Chambers of Commerce:

 Other Yukon Chambers and Organizations:


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